Friday, December 12, 2008


So we spent some time in the mountains. And it's been cold around here. You know, "need-a-down-jacket-in-the-daytime" cold, that kind of cold. Though I know I have nothing to complain about when I compare this weather to the midwest or New England, or Russia. (cuz this girl's been to Russia this time of year, and that cold weather is nothing I want to experience again.)

Anyway, it brings me to another favorite baby product. Baby leggings. I ordered a pair in the fall and have been madly in love with them ever since. I mostly use them as a layer. Under Daniel's jeans or sweats or jammies. But he is so delightfully warm. Especially when I put him in his baby wrap. So they're called "Baby Legs" and you gotta getcha some. They even fit Thomas. (which we kind of found out after the fact. Like when Thomas decided to try them on with his shorts).
Daniel's pair are very cute and very "boy". Orange, brown, cream stripes. I don't have any pictures of him in them, but he is layered in the following pics. Just imagine the leggings underneath his pants, if you will.

Daniel cruising in the Moby wrap. One of his very favorite places to be. He's now old enough to face out, though he still prefers facing me.


Sharleen said...

Hey you... I managed to make a little time to check your blog tonight. Yippee! (As of late, I haven't been the best at giving my own family blog any adequate attention.) Nonetheless, I try to keep up on the reading.

Just wanted to let you know that I have a friend who also as her own online store for baby leg warmers, cloth diapering, etc. If you want to just take a look at her website... here is the address:

Oh, and I LIKE your new blog look.

Larissa said...

Yay I love the baby legs, so cute. Daniel looks so big, I can't wait to see him again, and all of you!

Monica said...

christy, I love the leg warmers. I wear them and so do the girls. It is snowing here! Miss you guys.

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