Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

We have never managed to be in any spot of our own at Christmas time. Grandparents and family members have graciously shared their trees and holidays, but we've never had a Christmas of our own. That ends now.

Yesterday Charlie got up and said, "Let's go cut a Christmas tree!" So we drove to Tahoe, got a permit (for only $10) and hiked around to find our tree. Did you know that instead of spending $60-$70 at a Christmas tree farm you can often get a permit in the national forests? Then you can spend the money you save on the experience - food, gas, etc. It was so much fun. We all loved it.

And tonight we have a wonderfully childish tree set up in our house. Complete with ornaments that aren't higher than 2.5 feet. I love it. The boys also found some bows, and we have a little bow section on the tree. Mind you, they aren't spread out evenly, but kind of globbed into one small area.
The boys cutting down the tree.

...heading back to the truck.

To top it all off, Charlie came home with an early Christmas present for me today. That's right! A nativity set. I was a little sad when I unpacked my two Christmas boxes and found that none had magically appeared. So he's been looking for one, and found one today. I'm thrilled. It's so good to have a visual to remind us of advent.


cabcree said...

that sounds like a blast! glad you had a fun family day together. :)

Mustard Seeds said...

What fun! And a great idea...I spent a Christmas in Tahoe once. What a beautiful place for wintertime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie...
When the boys were little we would place the empty manger is a prominent place. Then we would take the Wise Men to the furthest point in thehouse and day by day the boys got to move them closer and closer to the Nativity til on Christmas Eve Baby Jesus was placed in the manger and the Wise Men appeared. It kinda gave them an anticpation of excitement. It was also my poor attempt at getting them to learn "waiting" and going from "dark to light."
Now at 16 and 15 they still bicker as to whose turn it is this year to bring out Baby Jesus....many Blessings to you and yours...Susan J aka 102 Cardinal

joysnatcher said...

Wow Susan, Charlie just suggested this very thing. We have been moving the wise men around, and the boys love explaining that they're looking for the "star". Thanks for an even more concrete idea. The boys haven't been allowed to move them yet (but I might jealously guard that priviledge, since they're new wise men!)

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