Who Is One Fun Mom?

Who is one fun mom?

She's all of us.

She's any mother who ever wished she laughed more and yelled less.  She's any mother who catches herself in a personal pity party and can't figure out how to end it.  She's any mother who realizes that time with her children is short and she wants to enjoy as much of it as she can; but she isn't sure how to do that when there are so many demands on her.

She's me.  She's you.

Being fun isn't an event, it's an outlook 

I'm making it my goal to find the fun in the everyday.  

I hope you'll join me.

Let's turn into FunMom together.  Let's be fun-havers.

Let's share our ideas.
Let's give each other pats on the back when we overcome the desire to say, "No! You can't do that!" and say "Yes." instead.
Let's get our lives manageable so that when the chance to be fun presents itself we're ready.
Let's be accepting.
Let's be forgiving - of ourselves and others.
Let's be real. (there will be no perfection here. You will not see photos of my perfect house or children or self. You will probably hear about daily mess-ups...)

Let's encourage each other and let's do this together!!!
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