About Me

My name is Christy.
Messenger of Christ.  Mother of four.  Wife to a surfer, father, and entrepreneur extraordinaire.   Homeschooler.  Lover of books.  Sometime runner.  Beach-goer.  Chocolate eater - ahem, I mean inhaler.

I'm jumping into this FunMom stuff feet first because I'm tired of being grumpy, self-pitying, and generally UNfun.  I want my kids to remember their mom as happy.  I want to be responsible and accomplish my duties of cooking, teaching, managing the house, etc, but I don't want those duties to become who I am.

So here we are...FunMoms.

If you're new here:
you might like to read about the birth of FunMom.
You might like to know how I use marshmallows to further my cause.  I am, in fact, not opposed to using food in many of my dealings with children (even as bribery, but we never use that term.) 
You might have similar stories on how children help us become a little bit less selfish, and even less vain.
You might wanna see this post for info on how easy being FunMom really is.
You might be interested in the time we spent in Bali.

Here are my FunMom house rules to make life more bearable.
Here is a little word of encouragement. 
A few FunIdeas to get the ball rolling:
Window Art
In The Store
Involving Marshmallows (again)
And a little tidbit in case you need to feel extra good about yourself.

Readyyyyyy.  Go!

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