Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Products

I'm not much of a buyer, but here are two products I have gotten with number 3 that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The Moby Wrap. Although I haven't gone anywhere by myself with the three chicos, I have done plenty of grocery shopping/errands with Mom or Dad and Charlie and this has served me well. My back doesn't hurt like it did so often in other front carriers. This is pretty much the deciding factor, plus I feel secure and covered. And the baby is soooo very happy in this.

It does take a bit to get used to - as you have to wind it this way and that, and then you have to figure out how to get the baby in there - but it's worth it. I had one practice session when I was staying at my parents and Charlie was in Bali. My dad and I had a good laugh, the baby had a bit of a cry, until I wised up and did as the manual suggested and used a stuffed animal for practice.

I have heard great things about the Ergo carrier as well. But one factor for choosing this was cost for me - the Moby wrap was $40, the Ergos that I saw were $105.

Luna Lullaby blankets. My sister in law brought these for me. And I love them. They are very large (perfect for swaddling and nursing cover-ups), and they are so light-weight - great for the Sacramento heat. But they can be layered with something else once winter comes, if necessary.

Charlie and I are definitely advocates for swaddling. Along with pacifiers. We did neither one with Charles and our life was made insanely easier once we had Thomas with these two little secrets. So, life is even easier with these blankets.

So there's my two cents.


Larissa said...

Awww I'm glad the Moby wrap worked out well. I want to try one with the next babe, I loved my sling but it was too hard on one shoulder!

I miss you all! Give all the boys hugs for us!

Jon and Melissa said...

I have an ergo and LOVE it. I did not get till Makenlee was like 7-8 mo. I then used it as a back carrier. They are a bit pricey. I got mine on craigslist.

jjblanton said...

Awe! So fun to catch up with you guys on blogger! Thanks for introducing me. So how old will Daniel be before he gets to meet "Aunt Jordan"? We have your room ready!

be_a_Mary said...

ohhh i've never heard of those blankets! i'll have to give it a try.

my ergo was a gift and it was a GREAT one. its crazy but not only does Daniel fit in it, but Reagan too (on the back). It is seriously comfortable and carries all the weight on the hip instead of the shoulders. move over baby bjorn. :)

how's your sleep?

joysnatcher said...

what sleep?

I mean, the baby is sleeping fairly well. At least once he's asleep for the night he stays asleep. Right now he's only waking up twice to nurse. It's just that means usually an hour or so of nursing and diaper changes.

But I just got out the Baby Whisperer book again, and I'm optimistic that I can at least cut it down to one waking soon. We'll see.

How's your sleep?

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