Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Charles, 15 months old, at one of our family's favorite places.

Charles, 10 months old, on his first trip to Bali. He has since been 2 more times, once for 3 months and once for 6. We hope to take he and his brothers on many more trips - and perhaps live many more places before we're done.

Before his birthday party I was warning him that I'd probably throw his cowboy hat away soon.
Charles: "Why Mama?"
Me: "Because it's breaking around the brim and looking worn-out."
Charles: "But the people in Bali don't throw their hats away."
Wow, they pick up a lot during travels, even when they're only three!
Well, point made. It has now been a full week since his party and his hat is still enjoying much "cowboy" use.

I am so glad to have a five year old. I begin to see how much fun parents have with their kids as they get older. He is fun to laugh with, he helps take care of Daniel and helps around the house, he is very sweet with Thomas, and is generally so much fun to be with. Although I no longer have that sweet baby to hold, I am thrilled to have a big five-year-old to play with.

Charles and Grandpa with part of the new tool box Grandpa made. Could either of them be any happier?


Annecourager said...

Happy Birthday, young'un!

What great pictures of Charles. His smile takes over the whole picture!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, charles!

Anonymous said...

What a cute birthday boy!!

Mustard Seeds said...

I completely big girl is 6 now and I miss her littleness but I feel like we're finally starting to reap some benefits from parenting :) Happy Birthday!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Charles!! you are one fun, delightful nugget!

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