Saturday, May 20, 2006


To clarify (I might have had a few questions regarding my user name, Joysnatcher): I am not trying to steal anyone's joy - I just want to snatch the joy that's out there, unclaimed. Revel in every moment with my babies (potty-training moments included), enjoy my time cleaning up after them, be excited every night when my husband comes home, love the food I'm eating (even if I shouldn't be eating so much of it), and REALLY live like I'm right where I want to be.

So I thought "Joysnatcher" might cover that mindset. Maybe I missed the boat.
I'm not quite there yet, but I figure if I sound like I am, that's half the battle.


annecourager said...

I was wondering about your name! :)

I followed you here from Crystal's blog (where you were modestly apologizing for being a closet reader)--don't worry, we all do it! That's what links are for - seeking out new life and new civilizations, etc. :)

And you're in Grover Beach!! I was born and raised in Santa Maria, and my parents still live there.

So, nice to "meet" someone from my stomping grounds!

be_a_Mary said...


(you know one of those moments when you think you are SO funny and you realize it isn't that funny at all . . . yup, having one of those right now)

joysnatcher said...

Yay! So glad to have a fellow "closet reader"!

Karen, you made me laugh out loud again!

2boysmama said...

So i decided to come over here and find out about Karen's friend. What do I find, but Erin here! HA!
BTW, love the name joysnatcher!

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