Friday, May 26, 2006

Potties and Weaning

Is it possible that both huge milestones will be at about the same time? (Not with the same child, mind you.) Thomas is down to one morning feeding, and I plan to cut that out tomorrow. Wow. How time does fly. At six months I thought, "Do I really want to do this for six more?", and I thought the same thing at 9, and at 10, and now here we are. And I am a verrry teeeny bit sad. But I'll get over it.

And Charles is potty training. I had no idea it would take up so much time. I decided I didn't want to buy pull-ups, they're so expensive, so I have these vinyl-lined cloth things. I want to say: Good job Audrey for going cloth with a newborn!!! I can't do it. Cloth potty training is enough for me. And I also want to say, I have a lot more respect (and I already had a lot) for our moms and grandmothers who had to go cloth. What a pain.

So when Charles goes poop in his training diapers it's no walk in the park...we have to get him in the shower, get the pants off without seriously dirty-ing Charles, then get them in the toilet and washed off, down to the washer with minimal exposure, and washed, MEANWHILE we have to hose Charles off in the shower all the while keeping Thomas out of said shower and toilet and not letting him touch anything. Whew! It's a relief to me if Charles dirties when Thomas is taking a nap. That baby is persistent.

You can imagine my relief when Charles started asking for a diaper when he had to poop. I try to encourage him to use the potty at these times, but I don't want to make a big deal out of it. I'd rather change a dirty diaper than go through that fiasco, anyway.

Today we went through the whole morning in regular training pants, and he didn't wet the whole time. What a great day!


alisha said...

Wow Christy it sounds like you are very busy!! I hope the next few days bring success for Charles. You will have to remember all your strategies for when I get ready to potty train Aubrey. Oh the joys of parenthood. :) :) But I wouldn't miss it for anything.

Lacey said...

Hey Christy! This is so sweet I love your website. It will be fun keeping up with your family this way after we move. Its so cute. Reading your profile made me laugh because your interests and favoritie music are almost the same as what I would put in mine. Well except for sewing, I stink at that. Anyway thanks for having us over last night and letting us play with the boys, it was so fun! See you monday!

be_a_Mary said...

Isn't it great when you have milestones to celebrate?! You are a fantastic mom--it is so obvious reading your posts.


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