Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jewelry With A Cause

Check out the new jewelry website that Charlie has been working on!  It's up and running and wonderful.  And it's a way to give back! 

Charlie and I have spent a bit of time in Bali as a couple, and now we are able to offer support to an orphanage we visited weekly while we lived there.

Their Facebook page explains it all best:
"1 PIECE - 1 CHILD - 1 WEEK OF FOOD" With every piece of jewelry you purchase, GIVE Jewelry is able to provide a week of nutritious food for a child in genuine need.
"Please don't forget about us." - In January of 1992, a child said this to the founder of GIVE JEWELRY as he left a remote orphanage in Indonesia. "I won't." he promised.
- GIVE JEWELRY is his way of keeping that promise. 
Check out their website then like them on Facebook!  Share with your friends.  Help make a difference.  All while wearing and giving amazing jewelry!!!! (one of my favorite parts!!)
I'm linking to Things I Love Thursday.
Things I love in this post: 
1.  my husband
2.  his hard work
3.  helping kids in Bali
4.  cool jewelry
In that order. 
*this is a prideful and shameless plug on behalf of my husband and the wonderful work he does for our family and people across the world.

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