Friday, April 15, 2011

On Distance

5 minutes to write on distance.  It kind of feels like a game.  So I'm sneaking it in while the boys eat breakfast and entertain the baby in the high chair.  I hear squeals, sillies, and craziness, but I'm just gonna write.  It's only five minutes.  Surely nothing terrible will happen in five minutes.


There is a distance between all family now.  We moved from a comfortable walking-distance to my parents.  Now we're 5+ hours away.  We moved close to my husband's family, but still 30 minutes from them.  Starting over.  Again.

How many times have I started over in my life?  Too many to count.  And I love it.  I love every time we pack up and head off to some new adventure.  But maybe it's my age.  Maybe I've simply started over enough.  I think I need a start-over break. (until I start getting restless...which will happen...)

I looked at last year's calendar and it was filled with events involving my family.  Daily littles:  watch my niece, Mom and Dad's for dinner, park with sister-in-law.  Now those littles are over.  I can't even seem to find the time to call my sister-in-law right now.  Last year we talked almost every day.

Starting over.  From a long ways away.


(over the 5 minutes now, but I have to finish my thought)
I have new daily littles now.  Another set of nieces and nephews.  Other Christmas performances.  Another set of parents at whose house to have dinner.  New friends to make.  I love it.   I'm excited for every new event.  But I still miss the old littles.

*this picture of Grace has nothing to do with distance or 5 minutes or the price of beans, but it's cute and look at her feet and I had to include it.  So there.

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Rebekah {honeyandcheese} said...

I've had a lot of starting-overs in my life, too! Last year was the biggest, when I got married and moved almost 4 hours away from my parents and 3 of my sisters and the nieces I used to see several times a week.

It's an adventure, to be sure!

(The dress she's wearing is adorable! Did you make it?)

Christy said...

Thanks Rebekah! Actually, a friend made the dress and I need to get pictures to her. I was so excited when we got it in the mail!

Gaby said...

Christy, I love starting over again (minus the packing and unpacking. Bleh). Being a pastor's family we've done that a good bit. It is great to have a fresh start, but you always leave a piece of you behind, don't you?
Tell me how you ended up in Ecuador?
That dress looks like something my sister-in-law Kristina would make. She has a business making those type of cute clothes for kids. It is adorable!

Christy said...

Gaby, I can see I'm going to have to spend more time on your blog! I was able to be in Ecuador for two weeks - but was in Quito and then down to the jungle to Shell Mera. It was a short little missions trip. Loved it!!!

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