Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandma Lucy's Creamed Eggs

After Easter, creamed eggs are the way to go.

6 eggs (hard boiled and chopped)
2 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons flour
2 cups milk
salt and pepper
garlic powder

1.  Melt butter over low heat, add flour and stir constantly until mixture forms a ball
2.  add milk and continue stirring until sauce thickens.  Salt and pepper to taste, add dash of garlic powder
3.  add eggs and stir until warm

Serve over biscuits or toast.  Yum!

My mom tells a little creamed eggs story.  It goes something like this:

Once upon a time she took my dad on a weekend trip to my grandparents'.   Grandma whipped up some creamed eggs for breakfast, which my dad was leery about.  He was less than excited to eat such a dish as was set before him.  But he ate it, under small protest.  And the verdict was:  delicious!  He loved it!  It was a hit!

However, he made a stipulation to mom:  please don't serve it to guests.

Months later, my uncle comes to visit Mom and Dad.  What does Dad request Mom make for breakfast?  You got it!  Creamed eggs.

So make these.  People will love them.  Even hesitant people.  And you won't waste all those rainbow colored Easter eggs stinking up your fridge.


Alisha said...

Ohhh, Grandma's creamed eggs are so yummy. I wish I was at your house for dinner tonight. : )
I remember when Dave brought me over for dinner and your mom had made creamed eggs, and I was unsure about it at first too. But then once I had my first bite I loved it! : )

Christy said...

And aren't you glad you tried them!!?? I know I'm glad I made them tonight! The boys even liked them. They also liked the strawberries. I didn't ask which they liked better.

Lacey said...

Whoa, I have never heard of creamed eggs. I don't know if I could get Paul to go for it if he knew what I was up to in the kitchen. Will have to try it sometime though!

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