Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Encouraging Words

Direct quote from Thomas this morning, "You are being sooo fun this morning!"

Wanna know what I did that was so fun?  I let him do his workbook pages BEFORE his reading.  Hopefully this doesn't give away what a dud I can be.  My kids are practically rioting in the streets because I let them do their schoolwork in a different order.

See, I totally need to be striving for FunMom.  And maybe it's encouraging.  It reminds us that being FunMom is easy.  Get wild today.  Let your kids brush their teeth, then eat something...maybe that's too wild.


christy said...

you crack me up. i've been enjoying your foray into the funmom's a good reminder for me as well!

Christy said...

thanks Christy!! I'm glad to know you're out there!

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