Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's About Time

I guess I ought to start moving that Halloween post a little further down the page since Christmas is nearly upon us. I'm sure my loyal readers (is it three now?) have missed me. Incidentally, there's a crumb or something underneath the space bar on my laptop, making this a challenging post indeed.

The only reason I'm finding time to write is because I forgot to take my night-time Thera Flu at a decent hour. And since my body is a little bit wired from the day-time Thera Flu it was tough to fall asleep. So I'm waiting for my night-time dose to kick in!

I would here like to give a little "TheraFlu" plug. Have you heard of it? Have you taken it? The night one tastes better than the day one, but it's an amazing invention. My throat felt like sandpaper, my head pounded, my nose ran, and then - nothing! I keep thinking I'm totally better until I forget to drink it and the symptoms begin to return. Anyway, if you must be sick, be sick with TheraFlu. It'll get you through. (did I just write a jingle?)

Holidays are upon us and I'm still going to class twice a week with church stuff two other nights a week and homeschooling during the day and trying to maintain a home...I confess, just the laundry is getting done, and only minimally - so don't drop in for a visit. Basketball practice starts next week (I'm so excited, the boys haven't played sports yet!) So that's what's up and how did we get so busy?

I will make an effort to write more, but I can't make promises. I do have some post ideas though...


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear an update...and SO nice to talk with you today. After James awoke, he was still sick, and so to the store I went for some.....night-time Thera Flu! Hoping it will work for him as it has for you. Looking forward to your visit. And, do let us know how basketball goes for the boys...too cute!


Karen said...

Glad to have another post outta you! i had no idea you were doing so many things! what are the classes you're taking? are what church are you going to? i know i should know these things, but i guess i'm having a brain freeze. love ya!

Lacey said...

Yay new posts! I am still a loyal reader. I love hearing updates from your family. What a busy time you have now...seems like kids get school aged and things get very busy! That is so exciting that they are starting sports, I hope they enjoy it.

Miss you all, hope to see you all soon!

cabcree said...

okay, guess I'm not a loyal reader since I JUST saw this. lol. I've been sucked into facebook and avoiding the bloggy world. But I do like the updates you posted. :)

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