Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Wreath

Okay, it's a little late in the game since advent started on November 30, I know. But...we've been doing readings for each Sunday in advent and I have been puzzling over what to do about a wreath. Then I found this little book at our library and LOVE it: Christmas Crafts for Everyone.
The first copyright date is 1932 and it focuses more on the advent aspect of Christmas, the waiting for Jesus' birth, than it does on the commercial part. The author went to Europe and researched the many traditional crafts revolving around advent. From sewing to paper crafts to baking, it's wonderful. Especially if you're looking for something more traditional.

So, in the book I found a recipe for a danish baked advent wreath. And I tried it. And it was so fun! Mind you, this is my very first attempt at this type of thing.

The wreath before baking. I plan to do several things differently next year, among them using a larger baking sheet, but this sufficed. And, I forgot to take pictures of the step-by-step, oh well.

The finished wreath...hmm, a bit lopsided! I will also try to obtain a larger platter. Oh well again! I'm thrilled with how it turned out anyway.

I seriously doubted my ability to take a bunch of evergreen branches and somehow maneuver them into a functional wreath; following a recipe seemed more doable considering my seriously limited abilities as a "craft-type" person.
Christmas Crafts for Everyone


Stephanie said...

oooh I love it! What an awesome idea! Last year, I was on the advent band wagon and then fell off because I couldn't find purple candles...this year I was just plain lazy. I'm guessing you eat the wreath at some point? or no?

Christy said...

weell, I think I'd have to make another one for eating. Maybe after a month of table-sitting and candel-dripping it might not be tops on the breakfast list. :)

Stephanie said...

Yeah...I'd have to make 2. I'd have people picking at it for sure!

Christy said...

umm...I meant "candle-dripping" - not candel. I can spell, mostly :)

christy said...

i love this! (although, i did think originally it was going to be for eating...) we have done advent in a couple of different ways, and this year is the first year i feel like i am not always fighting with candles falling over, evergreen branches falling out, etc. i'll have to check out the book you were talking about!

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