Friday, November 06, 2009

Halloween '09

We had fun, that's for sure. Alice in Wonderland (aka: my niece, Aubrey) came over to trick or treat with our two knights and lion. Aren't they all so cute? The boys always love it when they get to see Aubrey, so this was an extra fun night.

The kids made off with a lot of loot, and we all had fun watching Daniel try to understand the concept of getting candy at each house and not eating it. Okay, when you're a baby you get to eat a lot of it.

Once home, Charlie and I might have confiscated Daniel's - but he's still enjoying quite a few treats.

Special thanks to my dad for making the knight's helmets. Super cool!!!


Lacey said...

Those are AWESOME knight costumes. I will have to show Caedmon...he was a knight too!

I remember trick or treating with Caedmon last year...definitely did not understand the wait concept. Not that this year was a huge improvement....we just had to limit trick or treating all together!

Anonymous said...

What a precious family you have. Some young ladies have no idea what wonderful knights in shining armor await them in their future!

Love ya, Kelli

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