Sunday, August 09, 2009

Day Before Detox

Tomorrow I start the Lemonade Detox Diet. I just ate two cookies and drank some milk. I also had two cookies before breakfast. Tonight I’ll drink some herbal laxative tea and I’ll start tomorrow with a saltwater flush, and off we’ll go!

I’ve been feeling yucky. Out of control. Allowing myself to eat whatever I want. Not running. Foggy brain. Tired. Some constant irritating pains. And it’s time to get control. That’s all.

In late August we start homeschooling Charles, and why not start fresh with everything else?

I know I get irritable when I’m hungry, so this will also be a way for me to re-release myself to God. “God, I’m not in control, you are. I don’t need what I think I need. Hunger is not that big of a deal. And I so don’t need all of the ‘extras’ that I can’t seem to stop eating.”

And the time is right. We only have one social engagement for the whole 10-day duration. And if I don’t make it the whole 10 days, who’s gonna care? And maybe I’ll be quite detoxified, amazingly clean and healthy. And maybe not. But I won’t know until I try it. I’ve been terribly curious about all of these detox plans and all of their miraculous claims, and here’s my chance to find out.

So, top three reasons I'm detoxing:

1. to regain some will-power

2. lose some baby/nursing weight

3. curiosity

Requirements of said detox:

1. eat no food

2. drink only a sort of lemonade (click here for recipe)

3. drink a laxative tea each night

4. drink a quart of saltwater each morning to flush the toxins that were brought out by the lemonade the previous day.

Stay tuned…

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cabcree said...

you going to keep a day by day? I'm curious to know how this goes for you.

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