Saturday, August 08, 2009

It's Go-Time

I know someday I'll look back on this time and laugh at the girl who was so concerned about how to begin homeschooling her kindergartner. But that girl is me right now. I got to go to another conference in July and have to admit that I am very excited. I also have to admit that when I sit down and start planning our year I get a little overwhelmed and start to wonder if I'm sure I'll be able to cover everything.

I ordered some of the same materials for Charles and Thomas, so we'll see how it goes with both of them working from the same books. Thomas has a lot of knowledge just because he hears Charles learning and practicing, and since they're only 18 months apart, I might as well make it easier on myself and not try to do two completely different "classes". Besides, Thomas is only 4, so whatever he doesn't pick up this year we'll go over again.

I got both boys new school supplies (gotta love the Walmart back-to-school sale) and got two plastic storage boxes to put everything in. I also added construction paper, binders, and scissors. I'm thinking now that I'll get each of them tape and glue as well. Just fun kid-crafty stuff.

I'm really enjoying two books: The Three R's by Ruth Beechik, and For The Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. Beechik's book makes teaching reading, writing, and math very tangible and easy. She gives lots of age guidelines and teaching examples for grades K-3.

Macaulay's book is more for everyone, even if you aren't teaching children at home. She analyzes the Charlotte Mason method of schooling and delves deeply into Mason's philosophies. If you aren't familiar with Charlotte Mason I would recommend this book. Reading some of her ideas has really helped me in working with the boys daily - just in life. She emphasizes things like forming habits and respecting children as persons, which all may seem pretty common-sensical, but the practical sides to these ideas are very helpful.

I'm not a very good reviewer of books, but these are my thoughts.

I've decided to stay on the local school district's schedule, since my mom works there - so our start date is August 24th. Here we go!

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