Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 1

I drank the laxative tea before bed last night and felt a little nervous about what the outcome would be. (I found senna-flavored Smooth Moove at the health food store, and it tasted very pleasant.) Nothing happened all night, but I woke up early because I was nervous about the saltwater flush. Drank that saltwater upon arising (amidst many many grimaces) and about an hour later was “flushing” for some time. It wasn’t too dramatic though. Note: I was only able to get about ¾ of the flush down, maybe I can drink the whole thing tomorrow.

I made an extra effort to observe my tongue yesterday before I started this and it was decidedly pink. Around noon today it started feeling coated, and now (at 3:50pm) it’s got a sort of grayish coat and looks fuzzy. That’s supposed to be a sign that toxins are coming out. I’m hoping they’ll all be out by tomorrow and my tongue will be back to pink so I can start eating normal again. But it’s doubtful.

I don’t really feel hungry, more like hollow. When I was making lunch for the boys I wanted to eat it all, but refrained. I haven’t been grumpy or irritable with them – well, not more than normal-, which I tend to do if I’m hungry, so that’s good. I do feel slightly light-headed and don’t have a ton of energy. But maybe that will pass as my body adjusts?

We had a normal day, housework in the morn and took a trip downtown to the train museum and I was able to enjoy it – just took my lemon drink with me.

Evening Day 1:
I’m not feeling particularly motivated, and at times it’s hard to think clearly, but I chose this time because Charlie will be out of town – so food prep will be less demanding (little boys are very happy with pb&js and quesadillas!) and I won’t have to interact overmuch with other adults. I do have a large list of “things to do”, that didn’t get done today, but I’ll get it done soon.

This is going to be hard, which I knew, but when you’re in the diet and trying to talk yourself out of it it’s a different knowledge. I’ve been reciting “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word from the mouth of God” and “but the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control…” These are two issues I struggle with: eating for me is a total lack of self-control, and I need to rely on God more for what I instead try to get from food.

If you're at all interested in more information, I recommend checking out this site. She is personable and gives a real life example of how the diet will go.

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