Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 5

I really want to eat. Luckily I talked to Charlie and he gave me a good perspective: you probably won’t do this again, especially if you quit early and don’t see the “right” effects. So I’m going to go for at least day 8 or 9.

It was a good day all in all though. Not easy, but not as hard as it has been.

My tongue is furry, yellow, and feels like it’s been scalded by water that’s too hot. Even though it hasn’t. I’m also noticing that when I drink water it tastes sweet. I wonder what things are going to taste like when I’m done with this!!


Larissa said...

I'm very interested in your tongue symptoms, hehe. Why is your tongue yellow and furry?

Well keep on going then sista and let us know how it goes.

Christy said...

From what I've read, it means that toxins are coming out through your tongue. I have my doubts - couldn't it just be what happens when you don't eat and your only sustenance is a lemon drink?

But once it's pink again, that's supposed to be a good sign that you're officially "detoxed". I keep hoping I'll wake up and it will magically be pink. No such luck!

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