Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 6

I keep hoping I’ll wake up and my tongue will be pink again (that's supposed to mean all the toxins are out of the body). Prematurely. So I can start eating again. But it hasn’t been – so I made it through day 6. In the last two days I’ve resisted a birthday barbeque at my girlfriend’s house, a dessert party, and dinner out to pizza. By resist, I mean, I went and didn’t eat. I’m very proud of myself, as I’m not typically one who abstains from food.

This has been a great exercise in willpower. One of my goals in doing this detox was to gain control of my will. I wouldn’t say I have control, but one of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control, and along with all eight other fruits, that’s one I need to work on.

I have expected amazing toxins to obviously be released from my body, but have yet to see anything phenomenal. Yes, I feel lighter. But I don’t feel increasingly energetic. Hopefully that will come tomorrow.

Among claims I have read: “take an Epsom salt bath and when you get out the water will be dirty from all of the toxins that were pulled out”. This was not true. The water was not dirty – but I did feel a lot better.

There are other claims too, but I’m trying not to be too graphic when it comes to the eliminations that occur after the saltwater flush. Suffice it to say, no eliminations have been exceptionally noteworthy by my standards.

But there’s still time.


Clarissa. said...

Can we get a photo of this fuzzy tongue?
I'm impressed with your willpower! Press on!
May your bathwater be dirty, your flushes be ... flushy, and your tongue turn pink!!

Christy said...

a very witty comment, my friend!

alas, I am unwilling to post a photo of the tongue. I did search for images online, but they are all too disgusting to post - let it be said that should you decide to search online, my tongue looks nothing like the photos (at least, not like the ones I found.) Just imagine a gray/white coating over the tongue, slightly raised...totally easy to picture, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

ha, ha to Clarissa. :) you know...I've to do a search. I'm curious now.

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