Saturday, May 09, 2009

Some Pics

At Easter we went to see Charlie's family on the Central Coast, and Charlie and I got to get away (with Daniel!) to Catalina. We came home and headed up to the Eastern Sierra's to visit the Cluffs and enjoy some fishing during the season's opening weekend.

Thomas and cousin Bernadette going through their spoils after the Easter egg hunt.

Charles and cousin Lauren

Me and Charles

Me and Daniel on the ferry to Catalina Island. Charlie amazingly was able to trade product at one of the trade shows for a trip to Catalina, and he surprised me for our anniversary!!! We had a blast. (watch out, though, if you tend toward car-sickness, plan to spend a bit of the ferry ride focusing on not getting sick. That might be what I did after this picture was taken).

Me and Daniel on the deck in front of our room. Our view of the ocean was wonderful. And we had a jacuzzi tub in our bathroom! (Just what a girl needs after an unsettling ferry ride!)

We went for hikes both days we were there. Here are Charlie and Daniel at the beginning of day 1.
A view of the harbor.
Up in the Sierra's, Charles caught a good-sized brown trout! He's still excited about it.
Our friend ShaleAnn has a pottery studio and Charles got his first turn at the wheel! She's a great teacher. And her three boys are great, wonderful fun for my boys to play with when we visit.


cabcree said...

looks like a lot of fun!

Larissa said...

Cute pictures! What a beautiful place for a surprise trip. I lovveee the picture of Daniel with his daddy. He looks super-excited to go hiking.

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