Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Project

Laurel gave me this idea, and I'm so glad. I didn't know what to do for Mother's Day this year. But I found a pack of flour sack tea towels, bought some fabric paint, and after a while, came up with this:

a closer view
with only a few casualties

The thing is, and you probably already know this, that fabric paint doesn't come off fabric. Naturally. So in the trial and error phase (namely, when I was trying to get little Daniel's handprints on the towels), I might have gotten large smudges of orange paint on my only light-weight pants.

And we also have the above incriminating photo. After all clean-up, Daniel amazed me with the feat of opening the garbage cupboard. While I was busy with the other boys. And getting out the paper plate that had paint on it. And, apparently, putting said plate on his head.

(luckily, none of his clothes got paint on them!)


cabcree said...

oh, that's funny! he looks so cute in orange. :)

Mustard Seeds said...

I love the towels, what a great idea! Kids have such an affinity for garbage, don't they? Cute picture :)

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