Friday, March 27, 2009


He did chip a tooth. But he's fine. Just a little jagged looking.

On the up-side, he is sleeping through the night (mostly). I know, he's eight months old. Some people think that's a bit late to just begin sleeping through the night. All I have to say is: I've been working on it his whole life.

My children just don't seem to be big on sleeping all night as babies. This is the earliest anyone has performed this feat of the baby world at my house. Of course, with the others we were moving and traveling and staying with family, so we had to be extremely flexible. This is the first time any of my kids has slept in his own space, so he should be the earliest to sleep through the night.

And another thing - I love sleeping. I forgot how "altered" you are when you're constantly waking up to tend to small people. When you're in the midst of it you just do it and don't really think about it. But now when I sit bolt upright at 3 in the morning waiting for the baby's cry and not hearing it I think, "wow, I got a lot of sleep. I could probably get up right now." (but I don't). And I'm feeling pretty good all day. Sleep is so wonderful.

ALSO, he will take a bottle now. With formula in it (he would drink it fine with water). I didn't try to introduce him to this until he was six months old and of course, he would have none of it. I plan to continue nursing, but it's a good option to have (I can leave him with Charlie, or we can go out without me worrying about the baby, etc.) Anyway, just in case you made the same mistake I did, the trick turned out to be offering it first thing in the morning when he's most hungry.


Larissa said...

LOL I don't think 8 mos is early at all, but Caedmon didn't start until he was 17 months and finally got his own room. I think whatever works for you and the little guy is fine, but I completely understand how big of a difference it makes in your state of mind to be getting solid sleep!

I'm glad his little tooth isn't too bad. At least it isn't permanent!

Christopher said...

I also don't think 8 months is a long time - I'm fairly certain our middle child took 18 months. I spent a lot of nights sleeping on the floor of their rooms when they were little. It's nice to sleep in a bed all the time now.

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