Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I think the baby chipped a tooth. I had a mild panic moment. Then remembered that I'm taking the big boys to the dentist today...fortuitous?

I'm pretty sure it's no big deal. It's not like he's going to have these teeth his whole life. As he was screaming after his fall I noticed two more swollen patches in his gums - teeth numbers eight and nine? What eight-month-old has this many teeth?

I also had a thought about how NOT good I am at NOT panicking. The only thing that makes me any good at all in a crisis is that Charlie has a tendency to get lightheaded when there's a lot of blood involved. But he really is much better at actually handling the situation. I'm not passing out, but I'm freaking out.

Anyway, we have only had one emergency room trip* thus far...and who knows? Maybe our boys will be the only ones in the world who live a danger-free life in the house with no sports or daring-do-related injuries.

*I don't think I ever related it: In Bali Charlie was getting ready to cut their hair and somehow the scissors got into the wrong hands. Charles decided to see how much of Thomas' finger the scissors could cut. It turns out, nearly the whole tip. I got out of the shower and saw blood trailing through the house. Found Charlie and Thomas lying on the couch with a towel on the affected finger. Charlie looked up and said, "I think this may be an ER trip."


Happy McNally Mom said...

Ok this is really fun. I had no idea you had a blog too. I can't wait to sit down and catch up on your life through your blog.

Happy McNally Mom said...

Sorry, I was so excited to see you name I forgot to answer your question of course you can add my name to your link.
I didn't know you are homeschooling. What grades are your kids? I actually homeschooled last year, but this year we put her in a little private school. I am pretty sure I am going to homeschool again next year.

Larissa said...

Poor baby! I hope he feels better!

Christy said...

Lacey, I'm glad you're still making comments and not mad at me...I owe you a phone call!!!! Yay for new babies!!!!

Kristan, it's good to know you were as excited as me. I'm catching up even as I write.

Larissa said...

Its ok, I think I've told you I am a bad phone conversationalist and I get nervous about calling people back, so dont ever feel bad, plus you have THREE BOYS!

Just call me whenever you get a chance! :)

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