Monday, March 30, 2009

Dropping The Ball

At Christmas I was very in tune with teaching the boys about advent and focusing on Jesus' birth as the reason for celebration rather than focusing so much on the event of Christmas morning. I checked books out at the library, did devotions and an advent calendar, always bringing the season back to Christ.

So what's my problem now? Lent is almost over, and I don't think the boys even know it's going on. Easter is practically upon us, and I have only talked about it with them a handful of times. A vast majority of Charlie's family is Catholic and my sisters-in-law are soooo good at this. I love how they teach the children that daily sacrifices serve to remind us of Christ's HUGE sacrifice on the cross. Honestly, I love how they have taught me that same thing! I love the Friday dinners during Lent when we go through Christ's journey to the cross as a family.

Sadly, I haven't done that this year with the boys. I know I can start now, and I'll do my best to rectify the situation at this late date, but really Christy, Easter is an extremely large part of Christianity...I venture to say it is THE most important time of year for the Christian faith...and I forgot about it this year...egads.

(okay, maybe it's a toss-up between Christmas and Easter - I mean, without the birth of Christ, we couldn't have His death and resurrection, sort of a chicken and egg thing)


Anonymous said...

I still think that Christ's resurrection is more important. :) But I do see where if He hadn't been born we wouldn't have had the death and resurrection. The whole thing is rather fascinating. God chose to do it specifically this way: Christ was born and lived as a man and then He was sacrificed and rose again. I find fascinating as well that God wants us to chose Him, but at the same if He wasn't calling us...we wouldn't. It's so weird to my human brain. :)

On the other note...I really don't anything about Lent. I should look it up and see what it's about...

Anonymous said...

Oh are great Mommy!! Stop beating yourself up over what you think is lost opportunity.
Here is an the Catholic faith we pray the journey of Christ's last days thru the Stations of the almost have enough days starting today if you prayed and reflected on the path that was taken at different points in his journey. You could also do some simple crafts with different colored beans and have the older boys glue them on a cardboard cross that gets a special colorful ribbon on Easter Sunday. You could talk about how in spring, flowers bloom after being in the dark, the way Christ's love for us blooms in his resurrection. Oh goodness I could go on and on....if you get to anything this Easter Holy Season tell them how much he loves all of us.
Susan J. @ 102 Cardinal Rd.

Christy said...

Thanks for those great ideas Susan!

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