Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Happenings

On our anniversary we went to church and then headed over to San Francisco. With the kiddos. And Charlie's nephew, who is staying with us. It probably wasn't a traditional "anniversary" date, but it was super fun. Saturday night we did get away for a couple of hours while my parents watched the boys. I am also told that I have something to look forward to when we head to Charlie's parent's at Easter...hmm!

Anyway, we all had a blast in SF. Charlie's nephew, Wade, is nineteen and has spent the last week with us. We are thoroughly enjoying him. He's great! We haven't done much "fun" stuff, so since none of us had been to the City in the past few years we decided to go for it.

The boys absolutely loved it. As we drove up and down the hills they yelled "down, down, and away!" We drove down Lombard Street, wandered around near Pier 39, watched the sea lions, and ended the afternoon at Ghirardelli Square for ice cream while it poured outside. It happened to rain quite a bit, but only when we were in the car or a building. Perfect rain.
All of us at Hyde Street Pier (I think this is fairly new, I don't remember it).

Thomas at Boudin's Sourdough, enjoying his sourdough turtle.

Cousin Wade and Charles in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have here a little video of Thomas "breakdancing" while the street performers took a break. They were amazing, at the end of the video they are warming up for the next performance (and they aren't doing half of what they do during the performance).

He had quite a little crowd, for a three year old.
(from a mother's point of view: he is wearing these crazy Spiderman clogs, don't ask me how he got out of the house with these on. Looking back, I'm just glad he had a pair of SHOES when we got to SF.)


Anonymous said...

What a fun anniversary day! The video of Thomas was too cute! Glad that you guys had a great day on Sunday in SF and how great that you got a chance to get out just the two of you on Saturday.
Happy Anniversary again!
love Alisha

p.s. I like your new blog background. : )

cabcree said...

oh, that last picture reminds me of WA. some days I miss it. so much to do in SF! glad you all had a blast!

Larissa said...

That is an awesome video!

Sharleen said...

Looks like great fun! We are headed there with the kiddos this weekend! Fun, fun, fun... Love SF!

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