Sunday, September 07, 2008

Superheroes Extraordinaire

These might look like two ordinary children, but, as I was informed this morning, Charles is the previously unknown superhero "BeachMan", as is Thomas. I should have guessed, since they are both obviously wearing BeachMan T-shirts. I'll bet you didn't even know there was such a guy, let alone two.

Do I need to inform you that we're in the superhero stage?
And here is their sweet baby brother. Peacefully sleeping (yes, his mother lets him sleep illegally on his tummy - tut tut). Unaware that his beachgoing days could be seriously threatened.

The next time you're at the beach, breath a sigh of relief for these two: keeping the beach free of all unpleasantness: smokers, seagulls, vicious leashless dogs, and groups of heavily partying college kids.


Aly said...

Since they are already busy tending to those things do you think they could take care of the dried up seaweed in the sand? It absolutely freaks Bailee out! Getting across the sand to the water is quite dramatic. She screams in terror evertime she comes upon some and quickly changes directions only to discover more...oh the horror! Meanwhile I'm bent over laughing hysterically which further irritates my little princess.

Anonymous said...

those are two of the cutest superheros i have even seen! and the sweetest sleeping little boy. : )

Larissa said...

Thank goodness for BeachMan and Beachman!

I think Daniel looks a lot like Caedmon at that age from the profile. He looks like a content little baby!

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