Friday, September 12, 2008

fit of domesticity..., this particular fit did not seem to extend to housekeeping, but I did pull out the old sewing machine. By "old" I mean, one year older than myself (which would make it 33) - which I think is quite old in sewing machine years. I felt that Daniel, being the third baby, didn't really have anything distinctly "Daniel's" - which he should probably get used to. But I wanted to do a little something special. So I pulled out these plain jane, ordinary burp rags that I bought when he was born (having lost the ones from the other boys, and having remembered how necessary they are)
and sewed on some ribbons. Creating these ordinary CUTE burp rags. At least, I think they're cute.

I bought these ribbons on a rare Target run with one of my sisters-in-law. I jokingly said, "Maybe I'll sew these on those little diapers I bought for Daniel." Secretly thinking "yeah right. In my spare time." But I made some time and actually did it. At the expense of sleep, and maybe a cleaned bathroom. Oh well, I'm expecting the maid to return from vacation any day.

This is my sewing machine. Isn't it delightfully seventies? My grandma gave it to me before she passed away. I have a love/hate relationship with it. But as I learn how to navigate it's elderly-ness, I am learning to love it more than hate.


be_a_Mary said...

oh my i am so impressed that you know how to USE it!! i would have no clue. they are cute burp rags. I think Holly did this for her kids too!

jjblanton said...

Look at you Artsy Girl! I think Daniel looks like Thomas. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

those are cute!

Sharleen said...

Hey you! It is so great to hear from you. HOW ARE YOU? Do you have an e-mail address that you check regularly? Would love to "catch up" with you. In the meantime, please do check in on our family blog from time to time. (I will do the same.) Beautiful family! Hug those sweet boys!
P.S. Aren't you quite the talented mama? Lucky for Daniel.

Larissa said...

Heehee those are cute! Look at you go mama!

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