Tuesday, June 10, 2008

36 weeks and the flu

Well, I am officially 36 weeks along. That means 4 more weeks until our lives are forever changed by baby boy #3!!! I think I am infinitely more patient than I was with the other two - but maybe I am just twice as busy. Last weekend we hosted my parents' 35th anniversary party with my brother and his wife. Last Wednesday we had a small celebration for Thomas' third birthday, and this past weekend we drove down to Charlie's family and helped host a 40th anniversary party for his parents. Whew! In the midst of all that a container full of our product just arrived and Charlie is spending every second of his time getting it unloaded and getting orders shipped. (In quite a bit of heat, I might add.)

Swim lessons started yesterday, and I think that is about as much excitement as we're going to get for a time on the home front.

BUT, can you guess where I am now? Yes, as the title of this post suggests I have been lying in my bed all day fighting the stomach flu. And praying, "Please, don't let me go into labor right now. Please oh please." So far, my prayer is being answered. Thankfully my mom is down the street and works at a school (so she's on summer break right now). The boys are happily playing at her house while my body decides it will not be keeping that down, or that, or that either.

At this point in the day, I seem to be on the up-and-up. (It's just nice when you're pretty sure the worst is over). And, on a brighter note, do you know about www.hulu.com? We don't have TV, but we have our computer and a hi-jacked wireless link that happens to work in our bedroom. I just caught up on current episodes of "The Office" through hulu, and since I am able to keep down water and Sprite, I am going to look around and see what other shows I can watch. They also have movies, and clips from behind the scenes on most shows (the ones for "The Office" are great, did you know Angela was pregnant this whole past season? She had the baby in May.)

All right, back to napping and watching for a few more hours.


be_a_Mary said...

Oh man, I am so sorry your barfing. Barfing when not prego is bad enough, but when you are prego, NOT FUN. :( So sorry.

cabcree said...

ugh! I hope you feel better soon!!

Lacey said...

I am so so sorry you got sick. About half of our family has had it now. :( Feel better, and don't go into labor missy!

Anonymous said...

Hang tough...think of sitting behind the trailer in Aspendell holding Thomas when he was first born, and the proud Papa posting Charles' birth. There are so many blessings coming your way...welcome to the last lap!!
Susan Johnson

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