Saturday, June 14, 2008

Parties Parties

My parents just celebrated their 35th anniversary. Congratulations Mom & Dad!!! My sister-in-law Alisha suggested we plan a surprise party for them (since we're all living in town right now, and who knows where we'll be during their 40th or 50th?!) So we did. And we had a lot of fun. In fact, Alisha's been sick all week and I'm kind of missing not having our twice or thrice daily planning conversations.
The spread. Alisha is so great at making everything look good.
The cake table. We raided their boxes for old wedding pictures and even the cake-topper from the wedding.
Three cousins waiting to surprise Grammy. (We had to divulge the secret to Dad, so he wouldn't take her out of town for an anniversary trip.)
Friends and relatives.
Cutting the cake. (I really like this picture)
And, three days later, we celebrated Thomas' 3rd birthday! Alisha and Aubrey came over the day before and we made this gluten-free cake for the party. (So sweet Aubrey could have some, too, since she has Celiac's disease and can't have gluten.)

When Charles turned three he still didn't have much of an idea of what birthdays are all about. So I got to choose what kind of cake he got. Now, Thomas has a big brother filling his head with propaganda, so I was basically forced into a Spiderman birthday. Luckily Alisha came with ideas aplenty for how to decorate the cake.
When asked the next morning about his favorite part of the party, Thomas said "Eating my cake wif Gwammy."

And yes, we also had a huge 40th anniversary party for Charlie's parents, and yes, I totally forgot my camera that weekend. It was an awesome weekend with lots of family and friends. And if any of those sisters-in-law took pictures, maybe they'll send them my way? Congratulations Chuck & Margie! 40 years is no small feat!

And yesterday was my birthday. Tomorrow is Charlie's. And Father's Day. And Monday is Charlie's mom's, and the list goes on with about 3 more niece's and nephew's birthdays. And so far no baby. Whew! 'Cuz we don't have time yet!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to some of my 1st Eastern Sierra Friends!!
Many, many more...
Susan Johnson

Anonymous said...

"Hey," I said to myself, "That looks just like Joe & Candace's table. What a coincidence!" Then my slow brain caught up to reality and I connected the fact that I finally saw Joe & Candace's new ta ble the other day and... Well, maybe I should avoid thinking the rest of the day. Short on sleep, long on busy, business. Have a wonderful Father's Day and whatever else comes your way. Your home is SO beautiful!!!

be_a_Mary said...

It that a photo of YOUR house?

So fun to see your mom so surprised in those photos!!

I hope you had a happy birthday!!

joysnatcher said...

Yeah, I can hardly believe we live in this house. It's about 9 houses down from my parent's, and it's completely remodeled. And it's a rental! What luck for us!

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