Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Ideas

In light of the fact that we travel and move so much, we have planned on homeschooling the boys for quite some time. This last week I actually made it to the library and not only got the boys some great books, but was able to continue the little research I have begun over the internet. Specifically, I have found a method called the "Charlotte Mason method", and wanted to find more info in book form.

Apparently Charlotte Mason was an 18th century British educator who wrote a series of books on her home school education philosophy. I have been intrigued by the blogs I found on the internet that use this method, as well as by the websites. I borrowed "A Charlotte Mason Companion" by Karen Andreola and am soooo excited. It just seems like what I was made to do. Of course, it's just the beginning, but I am even now beginning to implement some of her ideas.

Following are a few quotes from Andreola's book on habit training, a few notes of my own, and a few questions for you.

"A habit is set up by carrying out an initial idea through a long sequence of corresponding acts...we can draw a child forward with an inspiring idea, instead of using an endless string of nagging or threatening do's and don'ts. Idea is the motivating power of life. It is the friend of those who make it their aim to be disciplined from within, rather than from without." -Andreola

notes from myself:
- answer the question "why do we do this or that?"
- if poss, give an inspiring idea; story, example from nature, Scripture, etc.

- (I am specifically working with my two boys on the following) "Why do we keep our room clean/make our bed every morning?" (just tonight I realized that I have NOT answered the preceding question for them).
Possible answers:
*taking care of the things God gives us
* easy to find the toys we want to play with
* room looks nice for us and our friends
* to you other moms out there: any other good reasons?

can I find any good stories on tidiness and making beds?
-when is a good time for cleaning up our toys?
* when we're ready to move on to a new activity
* before guests arrive
* before naps and bedtime
* each morning

(I arrived at the conclusion that probably the BEST time for cleaning up at our house is when we're ready to move on to a new activity. This involves a lot of discipline on my part, too, because I have to teach them where things go, and to help them develop the habit of putting things away ALL DAY LONG. Sometimes it's so easy to just do it myself when they're sleeping or when they've moved on to something else. )

So, these are a few of my recent thoughts and notes. I'd love any extra ideas regarding stories about cleanliness or reasons for keeping things clean.

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