Friday, April 18, 2008

Gainful Employment

While I was printing up and organizing presentations for Charlie's 11:00am business meeting...
...Charlie was valiantly fighting a Bali bug in the hopes of getting to said meeting
...the water in the eggs I was hard-boiling was evaporating at a rapid pace
...and my two little cherubs were gainfully employed doing this:
Yes, that's cardboard. As in, the remnants of an amazing cardboard house Daddy made for them and their cousin Aubrey before he left for Bali.

And yes, they're using the cardboard box as a bridge. I'm not sure how long they were doing this before I walked past their room to ask Charlie something and saw Thomas dancing across.

Really, this was a godsend, as I had just been lamenting that when my kids are caught doing something crazy like: smearing each other and the couch and the floor with a HUGE, FULL jar of lotion, or stealing the box of toothpicks off the counter and making a pincushion of the couch, or other such nonsense that doesn't really happen at MY house...I am NOT the mom who laughs and takes a picture. No, I am the mom who freaks out and sends everyone packing to their room until she can get herself together. So, this time, instead of worrying about the chances of them plummeting to their deaths, I said "Wait! Let me go get my camera! Don't fall!"

But the fun is now over. The box has been banished to the front room until I can figure out how to dispose of it. And I am trying to get myself ready for the day so I can get these two outside!


Anonymous said...

How creative they are! Glad you were able to snatch a quick pic before they tumbled!
love alisha

christy said...

i especially dig their work uniforms. :)

joysnatcher said...

Yes, we have found that this particular style of uniform is low-maintenance AND cost-effective!

Larissa said...

I love it! What fun and creative boys. :)

Reading your blog is like peeking into my future with Caedmon.

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