Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Boogie Exchange

We stopped by my grandparent's one day and the boys were very excited to check on the garden, eat some of Grandma Di's treats, and play with the cards and dice that turn out to be super toys for little ones.

As we're walking up the porch steps Thomas turns to me. He holds out his hand to give me something:
"Here Mama."
"Oh, you want me to hold your sunglasses?"
"Yes." He hands me the sunglasses, and as an afterthought puts his pointer finger and thumb into my hand, rubbing something away from himself: "...and a boogie."
I hesitate, my hand still in position, "a what?"
"A boogie." - said as he rolls the offending object into my hand. He then bounces nonchalantly into the house, leaving me behind with his lovely treasure, pondering the boogie exchange.

My son just gave me a boogie to hold. Do I react? Do I inform him that this is unacceptable social behavior? Do I tell him that precious few people will EVER do this for him? Do I pull him aside and give him a mommy lecture on how disgusting snot is?


Do I take the boogie, casually flick it into the bushes, wash my hands, and hope he forgets that this was ever an option?

Guess what my choice was.


cabcree said...

that made me laugh! I'm guessing your flicked it into the bushes. =) schilly boy

christy said...

ok, is this a boy thing? cause we deal with variations on the boogie theme on a daily basis around here!

never been asked to keep one, though.... guess i should never say never.

joysnatcher said...

I know it's a boy thing at my house...but I don't have any girls for comparison. I'm hoping they'll grow out of it!?

Candace said...

This is not just a boy thing. Rylie too, searches for and discards many boogies (although so far she is better about occasionally getting a tissue than the boys are). Also, I'm not sure they ever grow out of this. I still find myself admonishing Nathan over the best way to retrieve and dispose of boogies. Oh will the challenges of motherhood ever end?

PS - Happy to here the puppy news, and even more happy to hear you finally saw a doctor.

be_a_Mary said...

LOL! You are too funny.

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