Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's A...


No, it's not. If there's one thing we do well over here it seems to be making little boys! That's right! Number 3!

Charlie called from Bali and just laughed and laughed when I told him.

Charles got a great big grin on his face when he found out it was a baby brother.

Thomas frowned, shook his head, and said, "No! It's a girl!" I'm sure he'll come around. (at least, I hope so.)

I am guessing God thinks that whatever little girl we have needs more big brothers to take care of her. Just Charles and Thomas aren't enough yet. Plus, we seem to do okay with little boys. We've got the clothes, the toys, the adventures, we know what they're all about.

The tech also said I was measuring two weeks ahead and that I am not due July 7, but June 22nd. That would be nice, but we do natural family planning and I'm 98% sure I didn't get my dates wrong. Maybe when I see the doctor on Monday he'll be able to explain it all to me satisfactorily. Besides, this baby has to stay in my tummy until July, June is already a very busy month.

We'll have to review quite regularly before the birth that I'm the mommy and I'm in charge!!!! I won't have any sassy little newborns in my house!


Jon and Melissa said...

Congrats on boy #3. Boys roll w/ the punches of traveling more then girls would. At least you don't have to deal w/ the tude of a girl or the sass. Will you have the baby in CA?

be_a_Mary said...

YAY! Another boy!! How fun!! I can just see your home in 10 years, crowded around the tv watching the superbowl! :) Curtis is the third boy in his family, and he grew up REALLY admiring his brothers and wanting to be just like them.


Christopher said...

Welcome to the club. It's tons of fun.

Sheila Kippley said...

Your July 7th due date may be the correct one. The Prem rule is the best way to determine due date. As this doctor said: "The interpretation of the biochemical and biophysical methods such as estriol, ultrasound, and phospholipids are more parameters of fetal well being or growth retardation rather than an accurate measurement of gestational age" and that the basal body temperature is the best way "to identify the time of ovulation and hence the date of conception."
The rule is the first day of elevated temperatures (involving the conception) minus 7 days plus 9 months.

The importance of this rule was discussed recently at another blog. Here are two mother's comments:

"I had a similar experience. My son's "due date" with the Naegle Rule was March 1, but with the Prem Rule was March 23! His actual birth date was April 3. I shudder to think what may have happened if we hadn't fought for his Prem date, and for the right to go past that date. He could conceivably have been induced (and probably ended in a c-section) a month early if we hadn't known better."

"We practiced the sympto-thermal method of nfp and used the Prem Rule to determine due date...and thank God we did. The ultrasound indicated that my dd was due April 26th. According to the prem rule, we were due May 9th...I FOUGHT VERY HARD...especially because I have very long cycles...anywhere from 55-72 the silly, archaic wheel they use does not apply to me...and really only applies IF you have 28 day
cycles all the time. Our daughter was born on May 10th. :) We are soooooo glad we fought that one...Trust the prem rule...."
I hope this information helps.
Sheila Kippley
NFP International

christy said...

so excited for you! 3 boys is fun (and challenging...) :) i love seeing all the brothers together playing.

as for your dates, i was going to suggest that you push for something closer to your dates...but someone already posted waaay more info than i could've. i just remember my midwives being more interested in my date because they trusted it more than the "technological" date. for what it's worth. plus, like the previous poster said, it may buy you some time, especially if you tend to carry a bit longer (don't know if your others were "early" or "late"?)

so happy for you!

Veenker Family said...

Yay, another boy!! Everyone we know is having boys. The bad side is that our next one needs some little girls to play with. But the good side is that she'll have plenty of boys to choose from when she's in high school! (Don't tell Steve I said that though because he doesn't plan on letting either one of our daughters date...ever.) We can't wait to see you all!!

joysnatcher said...

Sheila, thanks for your input. I was pretty shocked to see your name on my comment page. I have your book right next to my desk! (If you are, in fact, the Sheila Kippley who co-wrote "The Art of Natural Family Planning")?.

Since I have limited experience in the actual field, I was hesitant to raise my concerns with the doctor, but I am now better informed and feel more prepared for my appointment on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Um, I don't know if I'm more excited about your news about having a boy, or having Shelia Kippley help you out with your due date. Okay, I'm definitely more excited about Sheila Kippley at the moment because a baby is a tremendous gift no matter the gender. But nothing beats Thomas' response. John and I laughed hard at that one. Laura repeated the line with gusto. We love you, boy-makers! Love, Audrey

Larissa said...

Yayyy!! More precious boys!

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