Monday, October 08, 2007

The Real Link

It's pretty lame when a girl puts a link on her post and it DOESN'T WORK. I updated from the hotel we were staying in and then didn't have time to check it. Here's the real link: Laras Asri Resort.

I particularly like the Dutch quote with no translation in the description of the hotel.

We got back to Bali at midnight last night, and so are re-couping this morning. I'll post more later!


Anonymous said...

The resort looks amazing!! My girls had so many questions. I bet it had "really cool bathrooms" and really cool everything! I hope the business portion of your trip was fruitful. We look forward to seeing the pics.

Oh, Bernadette keeps saying (and laughing while she says it) that Charles and Thomas always talk on their shoes! Perhaps everytime the video is played it is actually happening again? Not sure what goes on inside the mind of an almost three year old (ooh, almost three, that was hard to type...sort of a sad reality that she is growing sooo fast!)

Love to all,


Candace said...

Why oh why does Bali have to be so far away??? I think I could get used to living someplace like this resort. It looks amazing and I can imagine a nice, fun vacation. Hope you had a good trip, can't wait to see you guys.


joysnatcher said...

Kelli, You can let Bernadette know that they DO talk on their shoes a lot (though I am starting to get grossed out by this, lets not think about what's on the bottoms of their shoes). We are phasing this habit out.

Candace, It may be far, but it's cheap after you pay the airfare! That room was only $65/night!!!!

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