Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Places

Last week I had no idea what this week would bring. As of Saturday morning, it was to be like every other week. By Saturday night, we knew Charlie was heading to Java on Monday morning for a business meeting and as of yesterday (Thursday) we are all in Java for a mini holiday/business trip.

Some people have their weeks, months, even years planned out. I admire that, but I know it won't be us for quite some time, if ever. We make our plans, but they are always subject to dramatic change.

So here we are, living it up in Java! Java is the island next to Bali, and we are staying in the town of Salatiga. We have taken several pictures, and I'll be happy to post some once we're back in Bali with my camera USB cable. For now, if you want to know where we are, you can check out this website: Laras Asri Resort.

It's an amazing hotel. We get to stay in a little bungalow. Upon examining the room, Charles called to me excitedly, "Mom! It's got a bathroom! And a toilet, Mom!" as if in all of his young days he has never seen such a thing as a hotel room with an adjoining bathroom. He is so sweet. And so three. I believe what he meant was, "Mom! This bathroom is really really cool!" And it is. I will take pictures to prove it.

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alisha said...

we are looking forward to the pictures of your very neat bathroom. : )

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