Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some Java Trip Photos

The boys got to check out the cockpit before the plane left for Java.
"Holy smoking volcanoes, Batman!" We passed over several volcanoes, and many of them were smoking. Nervous?
This is a jack-fruit tree.
And finally, our super-cool bathroom - which, ironically, the photo doesn't do justice for. Rats. The window behind the tub is kind of like a bay window looking out onto a little private porch area. It was just a pleasant, peaceful little room. Stone floors, natural surfaces, lots of teak wood, natural lighting, and a glassed-in shower across from the tub. (If you can't tell, the boys are showing you their muscles).

We ended up having an extended trip because Charles had an ear infection and the doctor recommended that we not travel for a few days. Too bad for us! Instead of coming home after two days we got to stay almost five. (and Charles was only uncomfortable for around one of those days, poor thing.)


alisha said...

the bathroom is amazing, and of course those two cute boys showing off their muscles. : ) thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said... that like breadfruit? Are they the same thing?

Christy said...

hmmm,good question, apparently they are from the same family. :)

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