Friday, September 28, 2007

Superman Prayer

This is Charles' favorite mealtime prayer. Taught to us by the boys very best friends: Ezra, Asher, & Aidan up at Cardinal Village.

"Thank you Lord for giving us food,
Thank you Lord for giving us food;
And for our daily bread, for we like to be fed;
Thank you Lord for giving us food."
Sing to the tune of the Superman theme, which may be a little tough to pick up from this video.


Candace said...

The supermen are so cute. Logan and Rylie enjoyed the song. Rylie asked if it was Nathan and Logan. She has been looking at pictures of Nathan at different ages lately. Remind me when you get home to give you some more costumes for the boys - we have a few more superheros in our garage.

Lacey said...

Heehee so cute! I love the prayer!

I almost got a superman costume for Caedmon for Halloween, but ended up with a soft tiger instead.

alisha said...

The boys are so cute. The video was priceless. Thanks for sharing. : )

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