Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Rock

This is my rock. Charles brought it back for me one day.
He said: "Isn't it beautiful, Mama?"
I said: "It's the most beautiful rock ever."
However, realizing that a girl can't keep EVERY rock her little men give her (amazing though they may be), I thought it would be best to take a picture of it before returning it to nature. In this way we can admire it for years to come. So I did.

It makes me wonder, what special treasures have your little ones brought to you?


alisha said...

Aubrey gave me a nice green leaf, to help me feel better. : )

joysnatcher said...

Such a sweety.

I'm sure you get lots of treasures. The boys also bring me the occasional hermit crab and sea snail. I think I prefer rocks, but I am getting more brave when it comes to live things.

Can't wait to see Aubrey soon!

Corrie said...

Hey, that rock kinda looks like Bali!

Anonymous said...

Laura is very new at giving me things. She gets Thank You and Your Welcome confused, so she'll bring a piece of bark or a sprinkle of dirt back to me and say "Welcome." The rock made me smile. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. It IS a beautiful rock.

joysnatcher said...

It does kinda look like Bali

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