Sunday, September 02, 2007

Craft Time

We had our first "official" craft time last week. Karen sent me awesome websites and one night I got a few craft ideas ready so that I would be prepared when we had downtime during the day.

I don't have a theme, nor a lesson plan, but I do have two boys who like to color and glue and fun stuff like that. I thought I'd do "easier" activities, focusing on colors and shapes, to see if I could keep Thomas entertained, but he was pretty much only interested in coloring and getting on with it. I did manage to ask Charles the shape names, and he knew them all - even the oval and rectangle - I was impressed. And he colored the shapes on his balloon the same colors as the ones I printed out.

Thomas just wanted to glue the cotton ball clouds to the sky. I couldn't even get him to name the colors, which I know he's at least familiar with. Oh well. He' s only two! Maybe as we continue to do little projects like this he'll warm up to it. Maybe not.


mom said...

They look thoroughly happy, each with their own project. Sometimes the learning is in the doing. The coloring is really good for them even though it seems like no big deal. Those little muscles in their hands need to be stregthened to learn how to write. Thanks for the pictures! We really enjoy them!!

Monica said...

I went to Karen's blog and found some of the craft sites. The girls and I did a leaf craft that I found on one of the sites. They had fun! It looks like the boys had fun too with their crafts. The girls are really into crafts so I like to look for new crafts things to do with them so thanks for the info.

be_a_Mary said...

You know too, that just doing a simple craft can take up 30 minutes of the morning. Its so nice to have at my fingertips for when they are starting to get fiesty or bored, to whip out a fun craft. They feel creative, work on fine motor skills, learn some fun things, and they have something to show Daddy that we did today. Everyone wins!!

(oh, and I have never been a huge craft person myself, but I actually enjoy it with my kids! go figure!)

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