Monday, September 03, 2007

Big Day

I was all done on the computer tonight, but then thought about how big today was and had to tell somebody...

Contentedly following my laid-back potty-training techniques:
1. put a diaper on when you want
2. let them free-style if you want
3. encourage toilet use when you want,
we muddled along last week until we got some encouragement from our friends. Essentially, "Go for it!"

So today I decided "no diapers for T, not even when we go to our friend's house". And Thomas wore no diapers today. Not even at naptime. He had one accident at our friend's all over the slide, but easily cleaned up. He had no accidents at naptime. And, to top it all off, he went poop-on-the-potty this evening! After half an hour of on/off toilet time and encouragement from Mama and big bro the poop-on-the-potty was accomplished! Yay!

Then we went swimming where Charles showed off his new skills - he can swim underwater for 3-4 feet! What? He didn't even know he was doing it. Took off his swimmies and tried to show me how he can sit underwater, then decided to swim. I had to point out that he was moving without touching the ground (we were in the wading pool). He was so impressed with himself that he spent the next 10 minutes practicing. I couldn't cajole him into keeping his head above the water and trying it (this seemed freaky to him), but I'm sure that will come soon.

So yay for my two big boys! How time does fly.

(But I would still say that Thomas is barely 50% potty trained. I expect him to backslide for a bit at some point this week).


annecourager said...

That is amazing! On both counts...the potty training and the underwater swimming. My son didn't like either.

I flunked the gentle, caring, laidback mommy way of potty training. It came down to, "YOU WILL BE FOUR IN TWO MORE DAYS. FIGURE THIS OUT NOW or ELSE."


alisha said...

that is great!! Good for them and for you too!

joysnatcher said...

They did get the heaping reward of - hold your breath - NINE mini M&Ms each!!!

Charles gets them too, because encouragement is a big roll in potty training.

cabcree said...

yeah for T and C! I keep meaning to read about your wild ride. =) I've caught up...again.

Lacey said...

Yay! go Thomas and Charles! (You do know I am taking mental notes right? What a monumental transition it seems!)

We just got back from California so I just caught up on your posts. I am sad we will miss you all when you come to Atlanta. Where will you be in Tennessee though? We are not that far from the border...

be_a_Mary said...

You know, it always makes me wonder if we just pushed them a little, if we were willing to test and risk, would we find out our kids could do WAY more than we thought??

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