Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Me-wi-ca" I mean, "America"

Charles (after some thought): "In Mewica the floors are soft."
Me: "What do you mean? The floors outside or inside?"
Charles: "Inside."

Yes, there are many carpeted floors in America. Not too many here. Okay, once in a while you might see a rug, but that's about it. Funny that that's what Charles had to say about the whole thing.

Right now, if you ask him where he's from he says "Bali".

But he is pretty excited about our upcoming airplane ride to California.

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Monica said...

Ya have noticed that too!:) The floors are softer in Me-wi-ca (cute). My girls wondered why people in America do not take off their shoes when walking into a house. They feel like it will get the whole house dirty if they do not take off shoes at the door. I had to explain to them the different cultures, but not sure if they understand. I wonder what they will feel when we get there. I will let you know.

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