Thursday, September 06, 2007


On Saturdays we try to get out and about. Last Saturday we drove to a new beach. There were coconut groves, big waves, lots of sea shells, and "black sand". Kind of fun. The black sand beaches are on parts of the island, one of our guide books says it's volcanic sand.

The boys spent some time playing under the coconut trees and we all found shells. Charlie built the boys a rock "fort", complete with little rock stove and chair. All in all, a fun day.
Fun tidbit: Thomas doesn't say "coconut tree", he says "coconana fwee". So cute. Gotta remember those little things.


alisha said...

sounds like you all had a great day!! how fun, and good memories. : )
and it was good to see you in a picture, finally the mama from behind the camera. : )

random side note. . .
we had dinner at your parent's tonight. aubrey fell asleep on the way there and we couldn't wake her for anything. we didn't want her to rest too long cause i was afraid she would either wake up right before her real bedtime and be up for hours, or she would wake up at like 4 in the morning. :(
finally right before dinner (she napped for about 35mins) she awoke. with a little convincing she sat with me and ate some cereal, then decided she was very unhappy. we let her cry for a bit in the computer room and at the end of her sad sad time she started saying "why i can't eat my yummy food?" the four of us stuggled not to laugh, then after a few mins of that saying she started in with "somebody please come get me mommy." daddy got her which wasn't the "somebody" she was looking for. after that wonderous hour she went back to her usual self and played with grandma and grandpa the rest of the evening. : )

we are looking forward to friday and then saturday where she goes for her 2nd ballet class. :) : )

thinking of you
love us

joysnatcher said...

She sounds so cute. I especially like that, "SOMEBODY please come get me Mommy."

Can't wait to see her. Don't know when, but it will be fun when we do!

Monica said...

Beautiful beach Christy and sweet pictures! And Thomas's language is so cute. For sure those are things to remember.

be_a_Mary said...

it looks so beautiful there Christy. Your boys are cute nuggets!!

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