Sunday, February 25, 2007

Little Ones

"Teddy" and Thomas playing with bottlecaps at the beach. A little boy who lives on the beach we went to today.

Charles and Thomas outside the Sunset Grill "People in a rush...not allowed." They're having a good time.

Big boys, hanging out, greeting the passersby. A better view of the restaurant. Great Mexican food.

The boys are great little friends at this age. Last night Charlie was putting them to bed and left the room for a minute.

Charlie: I have to go get Thomas water, you two talk about what kind of story you want me to tell when I get back. (exit Charlie)

Charles: Thomas, do you want an alligator story, or a duck story, or an ice cream story...

Thomas: bee boe bee bop bop

So, they're not having deep conversations about the meaning of life, or even about story topics, but they are having conversations.


alisha said...

So cute, and growing up so fast.

Lacey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lacey said...

That is so sweet, it made me all teary. Maybe I'm just an emotional pregnant woman, but what cute brothers, and how fun to always have a playmate! Thanks for posting so many interesting and exciting pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see the bee boe boppin little lads. Our prayers are with you as you journey to California.
Love, Audrey, John and Laura (springing molars, saying Hi, Bird, Burp, Mammy, Mama, Papa (in a roaring voice), trying to say moo but coming out boo... etc, also taking steps and wanting to see her Bali cousins!)

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