Monday, February 19, 2007

Tanah Lot and Kuta

We took Corrie and Jonathon to Kuta beach last week and got to see a great sunset.
One of the "sea temples" - Tanah Lot.
A view of Tanah Lot from a nearby resort.

We went to Tanah Lot yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only was the temple beautiful, but we got to see a little local ceremony. Some villagers came down near the temple with baskets full of offerings (food and flowers, mostly). A teenage girl stood up and they rubbed an unopened egg all over her, then dabbed sea water all around her. We were guessing it was perhaps a fertility ceremony? maybe pre-marriage? coming-of-age? no food in the village? the chickens were infertile? Then we asked one of the ladies and she said it was to make everyone clean. I wish I could tell you more, but that's all I know.

Charlie is back in Java, so we are touring around with Corrie and Jonathon - minus the best tour director in the world. I am doing my best to fill his shoes, but fear I cannot compare with him. Luckily he'll be back soon, and the boys are pretty good at making anywhere we go interesting.

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alisha said...

the pictures are beautiful. :) Looking forward to your return home. Love Us

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