Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

Charles trying on a hat during our marathon souvenier shopping trip. He's getting ready to join the labor force on the rice paddys.
Trying to enjoy some ice cream on the beach before it melts. It's not easy, and we haven't succeeded yet, but we'll persevere.

We all went out for Corrie's "golden" birthday - 25 on the 25th. What a blast to have good friends visiting us. Who's next? We'll be here all summer.

Charles might be pretty interested in that carrot cake, Aunt Corrie.

It looks like this is it for us. We're heading back home tomorrow for a few months. Can't wait to see Grammy's and Grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends...It's been a great trip, but I'll be glad to be home for a while.

We have definitely learned a lot about ourselves as a family, and as individuals. I'm glad I've been able to strengthen my times with God, and am feeling pretty close to Him right now. What a great opportunity to learn to lean on Him.


alisha said...

The pictures of the boys, they look so grown up. We are so excited for your return visit home. We are looking forward to seeing you all. Happy travels. Love Dave, Alisha and Aubrey

mom said...

We're looking forward to your return! I agree with Alisha, the boys do look grown up in their pictures.
Vaya con Dios.( I'm not sure about the spelling, but you get the drift I hope).

Anonymous said...

See you soon!

Audrey, John and Laura

alisha said...

Hi there, hope your home travels went good. And that your adjustment to the time is coming easily. :) You should check out Abby's blog when you have a chance. And I sent you an email too. Talk to you soon, love Alisha

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