Friday, February 16, 2007

Corrie & Jonathon

Our good friends, Corrie and Jonathon are visiting during our last two weeks! Here they are at the Sacred Monkey Forest. I think Corrie gets a bravery award for not freaking out with a monkey sitting on her shoulder.
We all walked up to a vista point of Mt. Batur- one of the volcanoes on Bali. Here's our little fam.An unobstructed view of Mt. Batur and the village below it.
Corrie and Jonathon got here at the beginning of this week. They are in the middle of a one year honeymoon around the world. They have spent time in Iceland, Europe, Thailand, Nepal, and Cambodia. You can check out their adventure by clicking here. I also put a link to their site on my sidebar.
It's awesome to have friends from the States visiting. We're really enjoying their company and have a renewed interest in our Balinese surroundings. Plus we're learning about the other countries they've visited.


annecourager said...

That would send me into holy terrors. I am afraid of monkeys. Very irrational, very stupid, I know, but they just creep me out.

have fun packing!!

alisha said...

the pictures are very cute of you and your family and Corrie, Johnathan and the MONKEY. :)

alisha said...

Thanks for the Birthday Card. The big 27, wow how time has gone by. :) Thanks for thinking of me.

Larissa said...

That is a beautiful picture of your family!

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