Sunday, February 04, 2007


We drove north to Lovina this weekend and were trying to find a hotel. Charlie pulled into a driveway and ran to check one out. He came back saying we were staying there, and told Charles there was a surprise for him outside the room. I assumed it was a dolphin statue or something similar, since Lovina is famous for dolphin tours off the coast.
Imagine MY surprise when we walked out on the balcony of our room to find three pools with a total of six dolphins in them! Oh my goodness. I couldn't stop laughing. We were even able to swim with them. Not just pet them, but swim through the water with dolphins swimming under and around us. What an experience!
(above: Thomas & I with dolphins)

Charlie and Charles with the baby dolphins.

Feeding the dolphins.

Charles' new best friends, Jack and John.

We had a great room, breakfast included, swam with dolphins, fed dolphins, enjoyed many other animals that are kept in a zoo-like setting - for under $80! Pack your bags and come for a's great value for your dollar.

Curious? Click here to see pics and info on the Melka Excelsior Hotel .


Larissa said...

How COOL! That is so amazing, the boys must have been in heaven! I think I would have been kinda scared, but it sure looks like fun.

Now Paul is obsessed with visiting you guys there. Are you going to be there after Christmas this year? or do you know that far in advance?

joysnatcher said...

We hope to be here every summer, starting this coming summer. So from May-September. Plan a trip! Bring that baby! We love babies!

mom said...

MY WORD!!! That is way cool! Wow! I am so amazed and astounded. I hardly know what to say except, what fun! Charles is so cute petting the babies. I think I need some time to recover. Give the boys a hug (and pet the dolphins for us.) Love and miss you all.

alisha said...

Wow! Dolphins how fun. What a treat for everyone. :) The pictures are great and what a neat deal on the hotel with dolphins in the pool a dream come true for everyone little one. :)
We miss you guys and are looking forward to your return home, hopefully soon?
Love Dave Alisha and Aubrey

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Our whole family was excited to see these pictures. What a unique opportunity! Thanks for sharing :) Bernadette will not stop asking to see the boys and the dolphins, tell the boys she says hi.

ShaleAnn Cluff said...

Extra Cool! I'm afraid to even show these pictures to the boys for fear they will highjack my credit card and book themselves a trip to Bali! What an incredible experience you are having!
Can't wait to sit down face to face with big bowls of ice cream and hear all of your stories!
See you soon!

annecourager said...

* MILD JEALOUSY* That is amazing!!! I would love to do that sometime! So glad you took pics of the experience.

So, do you feel like you've been on vacation now for the last couple months? :)

annecourager said...

My daughter is now screaming at me, "I've GOTTA GO THERE!! I've GOTTA GO THERE!!! LET"S GO THIS SUMMER!!!"

See how inspiring your Bali experience is? :)

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