Friday, February 02, 2007

Just some info...

This is a gecko. Thomas likes to call them wherever we go, "ecko, ecko!". You can imagine how much fun two little boys have chasing these lizards around.

A pineapple plant! I had never seen a pineapple in process before, I always thought they grew on trees. No so.
One of the many ceremonies on the beach. There are ceremonies all the time, for any reason. Wedding, funeral, good rice crop, bad rice crop, water shortage, no water shortage, and the list goes on. It's amazing how dedicated the Balinese are to their gods and appeasing the "evil spirits" that are out there. A town can just "shut down" for a day without prior notice and head to the beach if there is some need for a ceremony. We laugh at how frequently the ceremonies take place, and how inconvenient they are to daily living. As in: "what's the deal with this traffic?" - "probably a ceremony." And, more often than not we're correct. You overcome the traffic jam to see 40-50 people on the side of the road with drums and instruments and a huge altar with offerings on it. It's kind of sad to think of the wasted, misled lives these people are living, and maybe a wake-up call: what if we spent as much money and time honoring the one true God?


Larissa said...

OOO what fun pictures! Ok except the gecko. I forgot I pulled up your page and looked over from something else and jumped when I saw it on the screen. Hehe.

They have pineapple plants in Ghana too, I was quite surprised they didn't grow on trees too..Seems like a lot of plant for one fruit!

Thanks for all the interesting facts and stories, we enjoy them!

Candace said...

Ok, I'm going to try and be quick. I have one baby taking an early and and another watching tv which means I should be getting dressed, painting the bathroom, or doing laundry. oh if only i had Nita. When we went to Mexico when Rylie was 9 months old the hostess at the restuarant was so nice, young and in love with Rylie that Joe and I thought of brining her home. We were sure we could pay her more than what she was getting in Mexico, but alas reality set in and we left without her. I'm sure it is a great help and it allows for so much more quality time with the boys.
Thanks for all the great pictures -Thomas is such a little boy now. I can't wait to see haw much they've changed. I have big mom news - Logan is walking now. he started right around the first of the year and it is his preferred mode of transportation. Rylie is working very hard on potty training. She has been wearing undies for about a week and has just had a few accidents. She has been wainting for me and has not been able to hold it any longer. I have been telling her she can go by herslef and I think she gets it. It is so nice not to have to change 2 1/2 year old stinky diapers anymore.
That's what is new here. I look forward to hearing more about your life in Bali - everytime you write it seems like there is something exciting going on.
We miss you!

christy said...

we used to have geckos in our house in hawaii when i was a kid. the tails were the best part...nothing like a little tail left behind for later. :)

thanks for noticing my lack of blogliness...i posted one just now....:)

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