Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Around Town

* view from the roadside, looking down into a valley - on our way to Lovina. I thought it was pretty.* admittedly not the best picture, but notice the scooter:car ratio. I think it's 8:1 in this pic.
*just a roadside fruit stand. They cut cross-sections of watermelon and hang them from the stall so you can see how good the fruit is. (also maybe to let you know if you're buying a red watermelon or a yellow one. I unwittingly bought a yellow one at the store and was surprised when I cut it open. It tasted just as good, though.)
Above are a few pictures I took from the car. I'll be winning no awards for them, but you can get a small idea of what's around.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy!
I'm still backed up on paper work, etc etc, but love checking in on your blog - especially when there's news of dolphins named Jack and John.
Love you so much!

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